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Simplify your wholesale business in under 20 mins.

Quickly upload your catalogues, create interactive line-sheets for your customers, and streamline your team's workflow so you can sell more.


Create your Brand profile

Create. personalise, and beautify your very own digital store-front


Upload your Catalogue

Create unlimited collections for In-Stock or Pre-Order, and seamlessly add thousands of products in less than a minute


Invite and Collaborate with your buyers

Work collaboratively with your buyers and share collections and linesheets seamlessly


Maximise Sales

Streamline the buying process and provide a hassle-free purchase experience for your customers

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Marketplace Features

Grow your business effortlessly and securely, as Kingpin picks up all order from your warehouse and secures your payments on behalf of new retailers through Kingpin Marketplace. We take our commissions only on successful transactions.

Our artificial intelligence matches your brand with relevant retailers from new markets

Kingpin manages all pick ups directly from your warehouse (ex-works) for all marketplace orders

Eliminate payment risk — Invoice Kingpin on Marketplace Orders and we guarantee payments on behalf of our retailers

Focus your time on building direct relations with new customers and let us manage the shipments and payments

Invite new retailers to the Kingpin Marketplace and we’ll service them at 0% commission

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Kingpin — The wholesale marketplace enabling brands and retailers to seamlessly connect & transact across the world.

At Kingpin, we stand to empower brands and retailers through technology enabling them to focus their time on doing what they love: being creative and building great relationships.

Discover Kingpin Marketplace for Brands

Receive new orders from around the world, even while you sleep.

Get help with your Kingpin platform

You can get help with your Kingpin platform, order status, any shipping issues, and other top questions.

I’ve never used a B2B Platform before. How complicated is it to set up?

Book a slot with our customer success and get set up in 30 minutes. Or click on Sign Up and follow the Virtual Tour on how to set up your Account.

Can you integrate with our ERP for live inventory access for our customers?

Yes, it is possible but chargeable between $149 - $399 a month depending on the your software provider

I’m a Distributor of several brands. How does Kingpin Direct benefit me?

Managing multiple brands has never been easier. Seamlessly switch between all of the brands you manage directly on the platform, and take advantage of our unified order management process. Work collaboratively with your buyers to share collections and products easier than ever before.

How are you offering Kingpin Direct for Free? How much does it cost?

For now, Kingpin’s Standard Version is entirely free to use - we just ask that you help us with feedback to ensure that we're building the best product possible!
We will be rolling out our Premium Version soon which will be chargeable.

Can I join Kingpin Direct and not the Marketplace?

Yes, it’s possible to be a part of the Kingpin Direct ecosystem, and not Marketplace.

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