Invite your brands and simplify your buying experience.

Connect with brands directly and manage your orders effortlessly with a free, intuitive order management tool. Browse hundreds of brands, create custom line sheets, and track all of your transactions in one place.


Create your Store's Profile

Create, personalise, and beautify your very own digital store


Shop Effortlessly

Browse and filter unlimited collections for In-Stock or Pre-Order


Invite and Collaborate with your brands

Work collaboratively with your favourite brands and access collections seamlessly


Manage your Operations

Utilise a centralised dashboard for a birds-eye view of all your orders, shipments, and payments

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Browse Smarter and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Discover an endless array of brands and products through our explore section. Stay on top of your deadlines - without missing a beat.

Save countless hours of Admin and Data Entry

Simplify your workflow with Kingpin - Say goodbye to endless email threads and access high-resolution images & data with just a few clicks.

Manage orders, shipments, and payments with a unified dashboard

Free up your cashflows and increase your savings on freight through leveraging Kingpin Marketplace. Apply for Net 60 Day Terms and benefit from the Kingpin Concierge Service as a dedicated Point of Contact across all orders placed through the Kingpin Marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for support or inquiring about how you can implement Kingpin effectively in your business - we’re ready to help!


We’re always adding new features. We work constantly to incorporate the features you need most.

Analyse your budgets in real time

Browse hundreds of brands in one place

Track all Orders, Shipments, and Invoices in one place

Seamlessly manage claims, debit and credit notes

Import & Export all information in CSV or XLSX

Download hi-res imagery for your E-Commerce

Create and Share Linesheets with Buyers

Invite your teammates and work collaboratively

Provide Replacement for duplicated feature

Manage client statement of accounts

Access live inventory for in-season replenishments

Get a birds-eye view on your business through a single dashboard

Have an idea for a feature?

No set up costs
No monthly fees
No hidden charges

Discover Kingpin Marketplace for Retailers

Browse smarter, and streamline your entire buying operations with a centralized dashboard.


We’ve been buyers, we’ve been sales reps and we’ve been distributors/agents in between. We’re on a mission to simplify wholesale from the ground up and by doing so empowering all our partners.

Celebrate your work. We bring the B2C consumer experience to the old-fashioned B2B business by making managing complex tasks like buying, selling and managing + fulfilling orders more satisfying than ever before.
Save Time. Our user friendly order management platform simplifies your daily operations, letting you focus on building great products, experiences and relationships.
Do better. Kingpin’s technology enables you to make smarter selling and purchasing decisions by unifying all your data and analytics in one place through a seamless dashboard.

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