Simplify your wholesale business in under 20 mins.

Quickly upload your catalogues, create interactive line-sheets for your customers, and streamline your team's workflow so you can sell more.


Create your Brand profile

Create. personalise, and beautify your very own digital store-front


Upload your Catalogue

Create unlimited collections for In-Stock or Pre-Order, and seamlessly add thousands of products in less than a minute


Invite and Collaborate with your buyers

Work collaboratively with your buyers and share collections and linesheets seamlessly


Maximise Sales

Streamline the buying process and provide a hassle-free purchase experience for your customers

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Time is money, and we save our brands both

Eliminate countless email threads and back-and-forth excel sheets. Track all orders through a single Dashboard and invest that extra time in building meaningful relationships with your customers.

Elevate your brand & drive more sales

Enrich your customers wholesale buying experience through beautiful interactive catalogues and convert 45% more sales.

Catalogue thousands of products in seconds

Creating, or importing, products on Kingpin takes seconds. Manage unlimited collections for Pre-Order, In-Stock or with Live Inventory Integrations.

Whether you’re looking for support or inquiring about how you can implement Kingpin effectively in your business - we’re ready to help!


We’re always adding new features. We work constantly to incorporate the features you need most.

Create Pre-Order and In-Stock Collections

Create and Share Linesheets with Buyers

Accept, modify and reject orders

Live Inventory (Integrations available upon request.)

Manage Client level Terms, Pricing, and Discounts

Manage Multiple brands through a single Dashboard

Sell Items in Free Size, Packs, or both

Seamlessly manage claims, debit and credit notes

Seamless order management tool

Update product availabilities and cancellations across multiple orders through 1 click

Broadcast messages to your customers via a single dashboard

Invite your teammates and work collaboratively

Import/Export all information in CSV/XLSX

Create and share digital brand profiles

Keep track of your finances all in one place

Segment your customer lists seamlessly

Have an idea for a feature?

No set up costs
Unlimited users
No hidden charges

Discover Kingpin Marketplace for Brands

Receive new orders from around the world, even while you sleep.


Why? We’ve been buyers, we’ve been sales reps and we’ve been distributors/agents in between. We’re on a mission to simplify wholesale from the ground up and by doing so empowering all our partners.

Celebrate your work. We bring the B2C consumer experience to the old-fashioned B2B business by making managing complex tasks like buying, selling and managing + fulfilling orders more satisfying than ever before.
Save Time. Our user friendly order management platform simplifies your daily operations, letting you focus on building great products, experiences and relationships.
Do better. Kingpin’s technology enables you to make smarter selling and purchasing decisions by unifying all your data and analytics in one place through a seamless dashboard.

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