Why Retailers Should Gear Towards Digital Buying

Retailers may have accepted the digital aspect of doing business, but the retail buying process itself remains very challenging.


Retailers need to have established, scientific processes to make efficient product selections and effectively crush the competition. To succeed in wholesale, a retailer must invest in a simple, transparent and easy to use buying platform.


This is where Kingpin comes in. A B2B digital platform like Kingpin can make the buying process more efficient, accurate and quick, eliminating financial risks and streamlining processes through a one-click access. An on-the-go access.


Retailers today require a ‘single view’ of products, meaning that they need to have a single visibility hub where they can view product, availability, pricing and shipping altogether. Poor visibility across orders often leads to overbuying inventory, communication errors and increased expenditure. Supplier websites are still battling with technical issues that make the buying process frustrating to the retailer. The length of the ordering process and tech glitches are just a few. This consequently all comes down to missed revenue, a symptom of an inefficient buying management system. As if retailers didn’t have enough to worry about…


Additionally, the insights that can be gleaned from digital data go beyond a simple in-store conversation. E-commerce portals allow for personalized, customer data retention which is essential to modern retailers. A portal of collective customer data can help retailers build a fluid, faultless experience having easily accessible brand profiles. A direct technology solution that can handle the amount of data being generated and ensure it is focused in a direction which best benefits the business is indefinitely proving why online wholesale is a better way to buy.


The wholesale process should thus become a standardised, sustainable process that directly benefits the retailer. A retailer ought to be able to combat the problems of the modern consumer and make smarter buying decisions. Embracing the digital wholistic buying process, from the research phase to post-sales, is the only way to meet demanding customer expectations today.


It offers product visibility, aggregate inventory, hassle-free payments, integrated systems to meet demand and excellent data retention which puts the retailer in control of the buying process. An e-commerce B2B platform is the future, allowing them to optimize their supply chain, maximise profitability, adapt to customer experiences and leaves brands do what they do best; evolve.