How to get your e-business ready for holiday splurges and traffic tides.

Between an extended holiday season and a recent e-commerce growth, retailers need to be ready at all times. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s to be ready for peak demand at any time. If you think your e-commerce business might not be 100% ready to face holiday splurges and traffic tides, then look no further. Here’s what you can do to achieve peak digital performance and sales during the busy holiday period. 

Maximise website speed.

A consumer is more likely to abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Faster page speed equals higher traffic rate. Make sure the person in charge of handling your website is on top of their game this holiday season when it comes to optimising your website. 

Compare data constantly.

Measure and compare consumer data, personalisation data and make recommendations for best results. With Google eliminating third-party tracking in 2023, it is very important for retailers to use data to learn a consumers’ interests and intent in order to deliver a personalised experience during the holidays.

If you are using a B2B Platform to place your orders,  you can leverage past data from the platform to reveal consumer personas to demonstrate patterns and intentions for future buys based on historic data from the previous holiday seasons.


Nevertheless, you could also customise product search results based on data from your own site, bringing up size or style recommendations based on past purchases. Remember, personalisation features are always key. Embedding an AI-powered chat bot to handle common customer service requests can also save your business time during high-traffic times.


Monitor your inventory efficiently.

If you think keeping up with inventory might be hectic, then you should consider a B2B platform. It can guarantee faster delivery times, order transparency and visibility at all times. Inventory stocks are always being monitored and available to view, so that inventory is not a problem during high-sale seasons. In fact, Kingpin can integrate directly with your warehouse inventory to provide up to date data on all available stock. This list is refreshed every 15 minutes allowing for live, accurate updates.


Be on top of account management.

If time is an issue and the holidays are running close, there’s still a way to stand out amongst competitors by implementing simple and fast purchasing systems. Quote management and bulk pricing can be time consuming and a retailer must always be in control of their account. Kingpin allows a retailer one-click access to all stats, as well as live tracking of all payments whether new or outstanding, along with due dates and shipping.


Embracing a growth mindset and being ready to anticipate traffic at any given time, and not just when Santa comes to town, is what it’s all about.

Join the digital revolution today and ensure your sales run well past the busy holiday season, because before you know it, the next holiday (Valentine’s Day), will be just around the corner.